Monday, December 26, 2011

i love it when my lady talks about wanting sex.

it makes me feel guilty for wanting it too. i think about having it with her alot. at times while either she is at work, or with her friends including her semi-ex bf. even thought we can’t validate ourselves officially a relationship, we still have sexual fantasies of each other. i am a little worried for new years, she says she is going out in a sexy new dress to dance and drink with friends, including her semi-ex. i have to trust her. hope she will save her New years kiss for only me. and hope that she will tell me she is only looking sexy for me. if that, then i will smile more and be happy more for her. i don’t talk about her in front of my family anymore, cause it seems some is doubting her. hopefully that will change. we were to meet in january, but instead we will try feburary.
fingers are crossed for her promise on new years.
fingers are crossed for hoping to see her in feburary or sooner.
i love her.


What she an i tell each other everyday.
What she an i tell each other everyday.


Weird Things About Me

1.) I like hentai at one point of girl on girl.
2.) I like a girl who likes rough sex/ dominant male.
3.) most of the food i like arrage from either the asian of italian heritage or both.
4.) I have brown hair that is fine straight.
5.) I have freckles on my nose on the same place as my father.
6.) I am more attracted to women of other races.
7.) I would give up my soul if it meant for me to save my cat.
8.) I like hello kitty
9.) I tend to rap about my insanity and write poetry about sex. 
10.) I play all games including World of Warcraft and Magic 
11.) most of the music i listen to is more rock and electronic than Rap
12.) since this year i have been in a distant semi relationship with a girl was the first time i have had sexual Phone and instant messages.


Saturday, December 17, 2011


my girlfriend had several panic attacks today at work.
had to calm her down.
she should be asleep by the time this is posted.
told her everything will be okay.
and it will.
i love her with all my heart.
i don’t look at her as someone who is insane.
i look at her as a woman who is a cup that is overflowing with too much troubles of the world.
i want to be close to her now.
hold her in my arms.
help her relax.
let her hear my calming heartbeat.
and tell her i love her to know she will live.
she has to.
for herself. 
not just for me.
she told me that her dad was the same as me when it came to dealing and helping
her with issues like this.
i told her i would have done the same thing.
i love her.
now and always.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Temporary Isolation.

"you'll only hurt the one divine if you don't let them have their time"

i hear the words inside my head but feel that sometimes those words are

dead but part of me surely knows that if i follow this rule the love

will grow but what if i had make a case? that results a strike to my

face the passion for her need to simmer down so or else i would not

always frown when she is nowhere to be seen the visons of her yellow

and green when she follows her own trail i must never follow her tail

only then will i realize she will open her heart again inside and the

love that was so reserved will be recieved or yet be re-earned.

by the time this is posted, i'll be back from napping.
pulled an all nigher last night due to class work.
lady red went to a party the same day.
i had got into "worry mode' again til i got her annoyed.
i feel horrible that i did that .
i don't want to be THAT GUY.
the one who is overprotecting her from having a life.
i'm not her parent. 
i'm her boyfriend.
she's asking today to give her another day of space.
maybe it does not help that i have to respond to her every-time she tweets or posts on Facebook and  they come to my phone.
i have to try. 
i can only pray she will still love me and understands that the night is what made me that way.
i hope she does.
i don't want to lose her.
everything else is falling apart in my life anyways.
my dad is being distant with the family since the divorce.
my mother is being to emotional.
my brother's job is getting tiring.
the bills keep pilling up.
my school classwork is getting borderline
and the last thing i need is to find out the one girl who loves me is upset with me for not trusting her that night.

I'm Sorry Lady Red. i truly am. and it won't happen again.
i hope she can hear me.
til then i'll wait for her response.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Her Lestat.

my eyes are crimson red 

as if the night was bloodshot dead
the hair upon my head less bright

 the vision seen upon the night 

the skin of mine is brownish stone 

to represent the strength i own 

the air i breathe is filled with souls 

the spirits that besets me so

 and even through this night i feel 

the graves around me standing still 

the mouth i have is filled with blood 

as red the moon shines above 

the pale skin that is in my arms 

will only be safe from more harm

and as her cold lips touches mine

the taste of her is like a wine

the fire that burns between us

 i fear for her is beyond lust.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

feeling Horrid.

not a good day despite the absence of me blogging.

Lady red is a non-good mood.
lets just say all men should fear her. so i'm giving her some time to herself.

i hate it cause it's around the same time all my friends are feeling shitty today.
i have really no point right now in existing.
cut myself again today.
don't really feel even good with my classwork today/
did some of it, but still feel shitty.
don't really know what i should do.
no money, no place of my own, and everybody is pissed.
i guess i have a right to feel death again.
don't even know anymore.
can only hope tonight or tomorrow it gets better.
i don't even really know.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Priorities and family.

Had a mild thanksgiving. 
surprisingly my father came over to join us,
no big occurred til later,
but nothing life threatening. 
should be no surprise.
fortunately Lady Red Came to my aid via phone.
I Love her so.
she explained to me that sometimes things are not what they are meant to be.
meaning that the past 25 years my parents were together sometimes was not always destined to be.
it hurts to see it end this way, but she's right.
in any case i should be fortunate it was not as threatening like other families.
but alot of my friends apparently know the feeling i'm going through.
Lady Red is supposedly "recovered" from her 10 Hour Black Friday shift, so i was not able to talk to her long Friday.
plus she woke up with drama at her home.
it's times like this i wish i could live closer to her.
i want to shield her from all that pain.
in good news she is starting her new diet tomorrow.
i'm praying she gets to her ideal weight.
although i tell her she's beautiful as is.
as a man i have to respect her wishes. 
but if she took my opinion i wouldn't change a thing.
she's a true definition of beauty i tell you.
Oh Well at least she loves me and she understands how much i love her.
that's what matters right now.
Will talk to her Saturday while working on my class work.
Watching anime late tonight while sleeping 
didn't get enough sleep due to me being in #Vampire-mode Last night.


Friday, November 18, 2011


was feeling somewhat down for the past few days til today. various reasons:
1.) my situations in my classes are slipping and i'm afraid of what may happen to me on grades for my classes.
2.) the financial problems at home are building up and i'm sure if it will be possible to go to japan.
3.) as i had mentioned before, me and Lady Red are taking a "break" in our relationship to get our minds straight. it's harder on her due to the fact her on/off ex boyfriend is still trying to be connected to her.
im not going to lie, it's hard to not be loving, but it's for the best.
it will be wierd if we meet at ohayocon though, i just have to wait and see.
also got a call from my ex, who i will code named, "Medusa" in which she is still trying to pull me back to her like lady red's ex is. but i won't go back to Medusa.
i hate it. no lie.
but i have to resist temptation of Lady Red, despite I read the smut she made for me and visioning her when i'm in a pleasurable mood. I have to stop these urges.
it's what i NEED to do, Not Just For Her, BUT FOR ME.
but i know someway me and Lady red will return to our infatuation.
just have to be slow in it.
at first didn't want to go to ohayocon because of it, but i realized it would be stupid to not go because of a temporary hold on a relationship. and LADY RED Will NEVER forgive me for it.
had a SMALL suicide thought at first as well, but i also realize that i would be no different than some people who commit suicide cause of a breakup. and LADY RED would hate me forever for that.
so i will try to focus on my work and helping my family. and for the moment i will pray that an opportunity arises for me and Lady red to make our relationship rekindle again. i'm praying hard. 
and i know she is too.
gonna finish my composition work tonight. got lots of schoolwork to do before thanksgiving break.


Thursday, November 17, 2011


No Blogging for a while.
Dealing with personal problems.
along with The Fact of me and Lady Red "Taking a Break"

Just need Privacy.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Attentions (written at 10PM)

I feel horrible tonight.
lady red is depressed, and i couldn't even try to bring her out of her sadness.
it's times like this i hate that we are far apart.
i hate the fact she's feeling like this, cause when she is, i feel like shit. like i'm useless.
i mean she's everything to me.
and now all of this sadness she's now feeling, is beacuse of all the drama at her house.
i just want to free her from this. all of it.
if i had the money like before i would damn sure as hell do it.
but not even my family members understand.
i hate this.
i hope she knows that i still love her with all my heart and that my love will never change.
i want her here with me.
i want to be there with her 
i want to hold her tightly in my arms, never let her go and let her pour her tears out of frustration and dispair.
i want her to tell me why she feels horrid.
why she feels like she's nothing to exist.
so i can tell her its all not true.
that she has a reason to exist.
she told me last night that i should give up on her.
if only she realized that she has been the happiest thing to make me feel for the last 25 years.
i cried tonight and couldn't eat or barely sleep because i was worried bout her.
how i feel right now?
Fuck going to Japan.
Fuck My MUSIC Career.
Fuck Everything else in my life.
I would gladly give that all up for her, even though she doesn't want me too.
she will be upset i said these things, but she knowthat's how much i love her,
and that is the honest truth and promise.
if anybody out there in the sky can hear me, 
please take my dreams away and use them to make her happy again?
that is all that i ask for.
taht is all that i wish for.
that i what i DREAM For.
all of my other dreams i could care less for,
i want her to smile again.
and if you read this Lady red,
i don't care about anything else in my life but you.
so please smile and be happy for me again.


Thursday, November 10, 2011


Last night i had a very tempting experience.
i had a very intimate conversation With Lady Red.
She had told me apparently that her feelings for me are growing more and more now.
to the point she is having deep sexual fantasies of us.

i'm glad to know i'm not alone.

i felt the same way, but as the last gentlemen in this world i felt i should respect her more by not telling her, until now. 
the fact of her slender ivory body overlapping mine, her soft skin touching me, her light scent i can imagine, her breaths very short, and my arms around her slender curves making her moan passionately.
my hands gently touching her back, looking into each others' eyes intimately.
She Told me a dream of us passionately making love in a anime convention. 
i told her of us making love and having breakfast sexually afterwards the morning after.

i truly love her.
while other men may have damaged her, dinged her like some kind of car, i treat her like a expensive statue, to be admired by others who wonder, "what is the true definition of beauty?'
i tell them, "look at My Lady Red."
by the time i write this she probably is working, having a hard time working while day dreaming of our passion.
and i'm in school trying to contain my passion of daydreaming of her beauty.
i won't lie, i want to give her everything she wants and deserves.
i want this to happen.
in January we are to finally meet.
January can not come soon enough.
it's November.
i hate waiting like this.
but i will manage cause i can't lose my contact of her.
hence why i'm willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to have her with me.
that night she told me the day she had dreams of me as she pleasured herself while taking a shower.
crazy enough, i did the same thing. i don't really masturbate due to my lack of self esteem, but she made that change in me, made me more confident. 
She says when she thinks of me it gets her hot and sweaty.
i tell her when i think of her i get hot sweaty.
maybe taking a cold shower after this.
we are to talk later tonight.
she said we may have phone sex one day.



Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Affection for Affliction.

I realize me and Lady Red Loves self Pain.

i say this with so much seriousness.

she told me she sometimes uses pain to shield her hunger.

i want tell her that i use it the shield my depression.

for some reason the feeling of a cold metal needle pressing upon my wrists feels so right.

i can see why we both are good for each other.

i started to do it when i was 16. a grim age when in high scheool i was dealing with alot of peer pressure,

not being able to make friends,i used it as therapy, even we i was actually seening a therapist.

then my parents realized it and taken all the needles away from me.

i still do it time to time, not as much caus of her. but there are times now since my parents divorce i have

relapse into doing it again.

I used it actually last night when my lady red scared me when she had an health scare.

she should be sleeping by the time i write this. 

But Since then we both talked about other things.

i have Not Told her this, but she will know soon.

ate light than usual.

she might be mad at me.

i hope she knows i tried. but i love her.

had only a small bowl of beef stir fry

(and when i say small i mean a size of a coffee cup)

and a glass of water.

been doing like my dad and eating gum as a food supplement due to money problems.

in any case

i have now been able to use piercings as an outlet to help sheild the addiction. my snakebites i adore, and so

does lady red.

with that in mind i will DEFINATLY keep them.

planning on getting many more, for myself and for her.

maybe even together.

Lady Red Got a tattoo today.

i love it and yet i want another like she does.

i find it wierd that i'm like this now.

haven't had sex in reality, but would like to.

want to have the feeling of her digging her nails in my back

and me holding her so tight she could barely breathe.

"make me suffocate" as she may say.

She loves the pain of hunger.

i love the pain regardless, even if it's for her.

gonna grab a safety pin to keep with for you know what.

 got class tomorrow.

maybe the blood will  mix with acrylic.

like a mosaic of suicide.

it's horrible, and yet i love it.


Sunday, November 6, 2011


The Days get quicker

As i see you from a distance

looking for the signs

of redemption 

but in reality

you need to search for 

the sign of 


as i stand here near her

guns loaded

bullets polished

teeth clenched

muscles jittered

blood bubbling

knowing the enemy of mine

is cradling your arms 

into his own arms filled with thorns

like a dangerous rose

a withering molten, 

rose of darkness

starvation fills my head

depression fills my heart

anger fills my body

and love remains in my soul.

Had a great talk with Lady Red today. she went to see a movie with friends and her ex bastard. was alittle worried when she told me she had two drinks. not because of getting drunk, but OTHER reasons i can't mention. was relieved when she called afterwards. talked about music most of the time. of course she tried not to bring up about HIM. while i didn't mind, i feel like even though i respect her cause it would kill the mood, part of me feels like reminding her how much of a douche he is, and why it needs to end with him. i have to be patient i guess. i love her enough to be. 
in any other case, my dad came over. had a good talk with him. infortunatly, my mom was asleep. SHE HAD A GOOD OPPORTUNITY FOR THEM TO SIT DOWN AND TALK!
sheesh, i feel bad my future girlfriend Lady Red will have to meet them eventually.
i was supposed to see Lady Red in Parma, OH (her hometown) during thanksgiving, but several complications are awry why it may not happen:
1.) her schedule (she may have plans during my visit which could effect us meeting.)
2.) her hometown (according to my relatives, Parma is a prejudice town, even though Lady Red told me it's now a Black Dominated town now.)
3.) Money. (i am so short of money because of giving money to help my parents i can't save enough to pay for my trip. :(  ) 
in any case, unless i can get the money before the holidays, i guess i will have to hold out for two months with phone texts conversations, skypes, and facebook chats with her. i can only hope i can hold on as well as she can not resist the false charms of the Asshole.
it so much i can do for now. i love her with all my heart.

signing out for now.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Here We Go Again.

You may have known me though my other blogs, but here i am Kid Grimm.
This will not be a blog for the happy or cheerful.
but this will be more of therapy for me, to deal with heartbreak, depression, and sometimes my disabilities in life.
if you truly understand what i go thru feel free to follow and comment.
otherwise, Please try to understand the reasoning why i am here.

i started this blog inspired by a lady whom i am deeply in love with, yet she is going thru things herself. out of best interest i have kept her identity a secret.

I will call Her, "Lady Red"
She is my Queen, And she means alot to me.
she lives two hours from me unfortunately and yet she is going thru a situation with her so called "current" guy who pretty much is NOT a good type of guy for her, and even though she is with him, she has more feelings for me, so yes it is what you would call a "secret Relationship until she has the confidence to end it with him.
i have to be patient though, but sometimes i want to help her force the ending of the relationship with the guy.
he says so much negative shit to her it pisses me off.
not Good.
I will be patient for her, but i hate it when she even brings his name up.
plus my damn parents don't understand cause of the fact i met her online and we have only texted each other most of the time. only several times have we chatted on the phone and once we skyped.
mostly cause her condition to be super exhausted and tired.
nevertheless i make her happy. she has told me this.
hopefully in January we will finally meet.
she wants to visit me here at my hometown, and also wants to meet me at a anime con.
we will notice each other and hopefully her ass of a co-ex will not be there.
in any case that's enough of me rambling on.
have to deal with my mother crying and screaming at my dad on the phone because of their divorce.
and whats worse is they BOTH are to blame for it.
he wants her attention focused on him
she wants to be in control.
I get tired of hearing this i just want to die right now.
the only thing keeping me alive is some of my REAL FRIENDS
that's it. nothing else.
my family wonders why i lock myself in my bedroom and do not associate with the family?
because of moments like THIS.
done writing for the day. gonna talk with lady red on the cellie.