Saturday, November 26, 2011

Priorities and family.

Had a mild thanksgiving. 
surprisingly my father came over to join us,
no big occurred til later,
but nothing life threatening. 
should be no surprise.
fortunately Lady Red Came to my aid via phone.
I Love her so.
she explained to me that sometimes things are not what they are meant to be.
meaning that the past 25 years my parents were together sometimes was not always destined to be.
it hurts to see it end this way, but she's right.
in any case i should be fortunate it was not as threatening like other families.
but alot of my friends apparently know the feeling i'm going through.
Lady Red is supposedly "recovered" from her 10 Hour Black Friday shift, so i was not able to talk to her long Friday.
plus she woke up with drama at her home.
it's times like this i wish i could live closer to her.
i want to shield her from all that pain.
in good news she is starting her new diet tomorrow.
i'm praying she gets to her ideal weight.
although i tell her she's beautiful as is.
as a man i have to respect her wishes. 
but if she took my opinion i wouldn't change a thing.
she's a true definition of beauty i tell you.
Oh Well at least she loves me and she understands how much i love her.
that's what matters right now.
Will talk to her Saturday while working on my class work.
Watching anime late tonight while sleeping 
didn't get enough sleep due to me being in #Vampire-mode Last night.


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