Saturday, December 17, 2011


my girlfriend had several panic attacks today at work.
had to calm her down.
she should be asleep by the time this is posted.
told her everything will be okay.
and it will.
i love her with all my heart.
i don’t look at her as someone who is insane.
i look at her as a woman who is a cup that is overflowing with too much troubles of the world.
i want to be close to her now.
hold her in my arms.
help her relax.
let her hear my calming heartbeat.
and tell her i love her to know she will live.
she has to.
for herself. 
not just for me.
she told me that her dad was the same as me when it came to dealing and helping
her with issues like this.
i told her i would have done the same thing.
i love her.
now and always.

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