Monday, December 26, 2011

Weird Things About Me

1.) I like hentai at one point of girl on girl.
2.) I like a girl who likes rough sex/ dominant male.
3.) most of the food i like arrage from either the asian of italian heritage or both.
4.) I have brown hair that is fine straight.
5.) I have freckles on my nose on the same place as my father.
6.) I am more attracted to women of other races.
7.) I would give up my soul if it meant for me to save my cat.
8.) I like hello kitty
9.) I tend to rap about my insanity and write poetry about sex. 
10.) I play all games including World of Warcraft and Magic 
11.) most of the music i listen to is more rock and electronic than Rap
12.) since this year i have been in a distant semi relationship with a girl was the first time i have had sexual Phone and instant messages.


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