Monday, January 2, 2012


My lady is with her friends (and Semi ex) for the week or so i'm guessing.

she tells me it may not work.

i had to remind her that we never said it would be easy.

i left her a message, telling her that if i want it to work, then i will have to do the hard effort work then.

I dislike a little of the fact we don't talk as much often as we used to anymore due to her being busy, but i have to remember it is one of many obstacles i have to deal with in order for me to be with her in the future.

yes the future.

i truly believe there is a future for me and her.

i would not have had dreams about us together.

married, having children, living a peaceful life together.

i never had dreams of me and my last ex when we dated,

so this is new to me.

for some reason i'm cold right now.

really cold.

don't know if it's my condition or the weather.

either way i have to keep trying to win her over to keep my love in her heart.

i won't give up.

i have to prove it to her that it WILL work.

i just have to make the effort and be patient.

as long as she truly loves me so,

then i will not surrender.

no matter what troubles may come my way between us.

whether it be we barely talk or text cause she with friends, family or her semi-ex, or be it work, or even be it because of her health conditions.

after all i have done to help her.

her depression, her conditions, her feelings, EVERYTHING.

even if was by text, Online Chat, and Sometimes by phone or video chat,

we will have those conversations again.

i just need to be patient.

i know i can.

i just want her to tell me if she truly only loves me.

that's all i ask.

after all, we made this our mission for the new year.

that was our promise.

so no more of me being sad, or jealous.

i'm done with that.

i need to be strong for her.

so she can be strong for herself 

and for me.

to my lady, i love you. and i will be strong for you baby.

just be strong and keep your love for only me.

and wait for me.

cause it will be worth it.

i Promise.