Sunday, November 6, 2011


The Days get quicker

As i see you from a distance

looking for the signs

of redemption 

but in reality

you need to search for 

the sign of 


as i stand here near her

guns loaded

bullets polished

teeth clenched

muscles jittered

blood bubbling

knowing the enemy of mine

is cradling your arms 

into his own arms filled with thorns

like a dangerous rose

a withering molten, 

rose of darkness

starvation fills my head

depression fills my heart

anger fills my body

and love remains in my soul.

Had a great talk with Lady Red today. she went to see a movie with friends and her ex bastard. was alittle worried when she told me she had two drinks. not because of getting drunk, but OTHER reasons i can't mention. was relieved when she called afterwards. talked about music most of the time. of course she tried not to bring up about HIM. while i didn't mind, i feel like even though i respect her cause it would kill the mood, part of me feels like reminding her how much of a douche he is, and why it needs to end with him. i have to be patient i guess. i love her enough to be. 
in any other case, my dad came over. had a good talk with him. infortunatly, my mom was asleep. SHE HAD A GOOD OPPORTUNITY FOR THEM TO SIT DOWN AND TALK!
sheesh, i feel bad my future girlfriend Lady Red will have to meet them eventually.
i was supposed to see Lady Red in Parma, OH (her hometown) during thanksgiving, but several complications are awry why it may not happen:
1.) her schedule (she may have plans during my visit which could effect us meeting.)
2.) her hometown (according to my relatives, Parma is a prejudice town, even though Lady Red told me it's now a Black Dominated town now.)
3.) Money. (i am so short of money because of giving money to help my parents i can't save enough to pay for my trip. :(  ) 
in any case, unless i can get the money before the holidays, i guess i will have to hold out for two months with phone texts conversations, skypes, and facebook chats with her. i can only hope i can hold on as well as she can not resist the false charms of the Asshole.
it so much i can do for now. i love her with all my heart.

signing out for now.



  1. Parma is not a prejudice town. once again. I am telling you this... it's absurd.

  2. You're going to find hate crimes everywhere. gays. races. religion. Everywhere and anywhere.

  3. i know. but i believe you. my family is just being over obsessive as usual.