Monday, December 26, 2011

i love it when my lady talks about wanting sex.

it makes me feel guilty for wanting it too. i think about having it with her alot. at times while either she is at work, or with her friends including her semi-ex bf. even thought we can’t validate ourselves officially a relationship, we still have sexual fantasies of each other. i am a little worried for new years, she says she is going out in a sexy new dress to dance and drink with friends, including her semi-ex. i have to trust her. hope she will save her New years kiss for only me. and hope that she will tell me she is only looking sexy for me. if that, then i will smile more and be happy more for her. i don’t talk about her in front of my family anymore, cause it seems some is doubting her. hopefully that will change. we were to meet in january, but instead we will try feburary.
fingers are crossed for her promise on new years.
fingers are crossed for hoping to see her in feburary or sooner.
i love her.


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