Saturday, November 5, 2011

Here We Go Again.

You may have known me though my other blogs, but here i am Kid Grimm.
This will not be a blog for the happy or cheerful.
but this will be more of therapy for me, to deal with heartbreak, depression, and sometimes my disabilities in life.
if you truly understand what i go thru feel free to follow and comment.
otherwise, Please try to understand the reasoning why i am here.

i started this blog inspired by a lady whom i am deeply in love with, yet she is going thru things herself. out of best interest i have kept her identity a secret.

I will call Her, "Lady Red"
She is my Queen, And she means alot to me.
she lives two hours from me unfortunately and yet she is going thru a situation with her so called "current" guy who pretty much is NOT a good type of guy for her, and even though she is with him, she has more feelings for me, so yes it is what you would call a "secret Relationship until she has the confidence to end it with him.
i have to be patient though, but sometimes i want to help her force the ending of the relationship with the guy.
he says so much negative shit to her it pisses me off.
not Good.
I will be patient for her, but i hate it when she even brings his name up.
plus my damn parents don't understand cause of the fact i met her online and we have only texted each other most of the time. only several times have we chatted on the phone and once we skyped.
mostly cause her condition to be super exhausted and tired.
nevertheless i make her happy. she has told me this.
hopefully in January we will finally meet.
she wants to visit me here at my hometown, and also wants to meet me at a anime con.
we will notice each other and hopefully her ass of a co-ex will not be there.
in any case that's enough of me rambling on.
have to deal with my mother crying and screaming at my dad on the phone because of their divorce.
and whats worse is they BOTH are to blame for it.
he wants her attention focused on him
she wants to be in control.
I get tired of hearing this i just want to die right now.
the only thing keeping me alive is some of my REAL FRIENDS
that's it. nothing else.
my family wonders why i lock myself in my bedroom and do not associate with the family?
because of moments like THIS.
done writing for the day. gonna talk with lady red on the cellie.


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